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After the death of a loved one, we often feel lost and look for places that connect us to that person in a symbolic way. The cemetery fulfills this need of many bereaved people and gives us the opportunity to keep a memory of the deceased alive. As survivors, we also mostly take care of the grave maintenance and decorate the grave site with flowers and candles. It is a place of remembrance and commemoration. Do you wish to have a church funeral in Zeven? Inquire about your options for a Christian burial in a church in Zeven or burial in a cemetery in Zeven.

Cemetery fees in Zeven

The cemetery fees, which are set in the fee schedule of the respective cemeteries in Zeven, make up a large part of the funeral costs. They do not only differ according to the kind of grave, but also between the cemeteries there are sometimes bigger price variations. The expenses for the cemetery are divided into the burial costs (digging the grave) and the grave use costs (use of the gravesite). In addition, there are fees for the gravestone a few weeks later. However, your funeral home can usually put you in direct contact with a good stonemason in Zeven.

Grave costs in Zeven

If the burial is to take place in an urn grave in a cemetery in Zeven , the cemetery and the grave care have to be paid. More favorable than an elective grave are row graves, anonymous graves or meadow graves in Zeven. There are also differences between single graves and double graves. The most expensive is still the burial in a columbarium in Zeven. However, not all types of gravesites are offered at every cemetery in Zeven and the surrounding area. Most cemeteries in Zeven and surroundings offer elective graves and row graves, but also meadow graves.

Burial in Zeven

Below you will find an overview of some cemeteries in Zeven and the surrounding area. If you would like more detailed information or prices for a burial in a cemetery in Zeven, it is best to speak directly with a funeral home in Zeven. They can usually be reached by phone around the clock.

Cemeteries in Zeven

Friedhof Zeven
Marienburger Str. 4
27404 Zeven
Jüdischer Friedhof (Sieves)
27404 Zeven
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