Bestatter Zeven

Burial Zeven

Burial in the ground is one of the most traditional forms of burial in our culture. After the funeral service, the deceased is laid to rest in a coffin. The burial takes place in a public cemetery, where the deceased finds his final resting place.When the moment of final farewell has come, the most emotionally painful moment faces the relatives. At this time, they must say goodbye to a loved one. This ritual of saying goodbye is essential for the relatives to begin a new phase of life.

The place of final resting place is a significant place of mourning where loved ones can visit and commemorate the deceased.In the case of burial in the ground, there are two possible types of graves, one is the row grave and the other is the elective grave. The row grave offers the last resting place for a person, while with a choice grave also several persons can be buried. The resting period for a row grave is usually 20 years. In the case of an elective grave, however, this can be extended, as several persons can be buried at different times. However, the exact resting periods may differ in each federal state or municipality.

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