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Types of burial


The deceased is laid to rest in a casket after the funeral service. Burial takes place in a public cemetery, where the deceased finds his final resting place. read more »


In cremation, the deceased is cremated in a coffin at the crematorium. Before this, however, there is usually a funeral service with the coffin, so that relatives and friends can say goodbye. read more »

Burial at sea

As an alternative to the traditional types of burial, there is the option of burial at sea. In the case of burial at sea, the urn of the deceased is transferred to the sea. read more »

Air burial

In this form of burial, the ashes of the deceased are scattered from a hot air balloon or airplane. read more »

Forest burial

For more and more people, the option of burial in the forest is an appealing alternative to the usual types of burial such as burial in the ground or cremation. read more »

Tree of Life

As a special type of natural burial, "Tree of Life" allows burial on your own plot. read more »

Natural burial

In a natural burial, the ashes of the deceased are interred in a quiet and tranquil landscape. read more »

Diamond burial

Diamond burial is not a funeral service in the strictest sense, but rather the creation of a lasting memory of the deceased. read more »

Anonymous burial

In an anonymous burial, the urn of the deceased is interred in a cemetery without a headstone or other named identification. read more »

Ash Litter Meadow

Burial in an ash litter meadow involves scattering the ashes of the deceased in a specially designed meadow. read more »

Space burial

In space burial, a portion of the deceased's ashes are sent into space, making the deceased a part of the universe, so to speak. read more »

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