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Mourning print

Funeral papers include all printed products needed in a funeral.


First of all, the death is announced in a death notice in the newspaper.

Furthermore, mourning cards or sometimes also mourning letters are produced and sent to the relatives. During the mourning period after the loss of a close person, many relatives, friends and acquaintances of the deceased show their sympathy by sending sympathy cards or by making telephone calls with comforting words to the bereaved. To express your gratitude to them and, of course, to the guests at the funeral service for the necessary assistance, thank-you cards are usually sent as well. Also in the newspaper often still another thank-you advertisement is switched. The mutual exchange of obituary, sympathy cards and thank you cards, what is called a "trio", has been known since the 18th century and is still used this way today.

Funeral cards

A funeral card serves to announce the bereavement and can be designed individually - depending on the personality of the deceased - as a folding card or single card. In most cases, the funeral card also serves as an invitation to the funeral service, followed by the burial of the deceased. Thus, in addition to the date of birth and death and a beautiful, personal memorial saying, the important data for the funeral are also included.

Thank you cards

Thank you cards to the mourners are not only considered a sign of respect and appreciation for the sympathy, they are also an essential part of grief processing for the bereaved.

Condolence folders

In a condolence list or condolence folder, mourners can leave very personal, loving words at the funeral as a beautiful and dignified gesture of sympathy. Words that comfort and give support.

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