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When a family member dies, the expense of the funeral is often difficult to estimate. Therefore, we would like to help you plan a funeral in Zeven. Funeral in Zeven Funeral homes in Zeven Funeral service in Zeven

People are very often buried in a cemetery in your hometown. If Zeven was the home of the deceased, he or she had a special connection to the town, to your culture and to the people who live here. Most people associate your hometown with a particularly pleasant feeling of security and peace. Give your deceased a sense of home with them on their final journey.

Living and living in Zeven

The town of Zeven is located in Lower Saxony in the district of Rotenburg (Wümme) and has an area of 73.95 km2 and about 14,000 inhabitants. The districts include Aspe, Badenstedt, Bademühlen, Brauel, Brüttendorf, Oldendorf and Wistedt. Zeven's attractions include the Zeven Monastery Museum, the Fire Brigade Museum, the Bademühlen watermill and numerous memorials.

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